Monday, February 13, 2012


Dear followers & customers,

Due to a very challenging task of working full time, owning a full time retail store, a few online business plus Maize Cafe, I decided to take a break for a short while to figure out a great way to balance everything without having to sacrifice my family time.

After getting the retail business up and running for a year and with a loyal and trusted employee on board, I now finally have time to pursue and give it my 100 percent attention to open Maize Cafe once again...

I have used my time away to do more research and so now, we have other products to offer all of you, our valued customers.

Please feel free to contact me directly at for questions/inquiries.

We are currently updating our newer and better website! We will go LIVE right after Valentines Day!

Watch out for our GRAND RE-OPENING PROMO!!!

ADD US ON FACEBOOK! Simply search for or Maize Cafe Corn Coffee, or Corn Coffee...

We are looking forward to a successful year of 2012!

Thank you!

Maize Cafe Owner

Monday, February 28, 2011


Thank you for the overwhelming amount of response we received about our product!

At this time, we are only shipping to United States via USPS Priority.

WE DO NOT ROAST AND PACK until you order for guaranteed freshness!

We are proud to bring this new product to United States and our goal is to help promote healthy living and give a healthy, tasty alternative to both COFFEE LOVERS & NON-COFFEE DRINKERS!

Corn Coffee taste just like coffee! Zero Caffeine!

Visit our official website and join our mailing list to get discount codes and latest update about our company!

For prospective customers outside United States, please email us for shipping arrangements.

Thank you everyone and HURRY! PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!

If interested in business opportunities, EMAIL US ASAP! We would like to help each one of you become successful and so we ONLY have limited positions available!

Thank you everyone and have an a-maize-ing day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Corn Coffee A Healthy Alternative To Coffee

I wanted to share an article about an entrepreneur who was inspired to get her business started in the Philippines because she believed in her product.

Coincidentally, it is the very product that I am now marketing here in United States.

I am not a coffee drinker.Yes, I drink mocha frap once in a blue moon but I usually get sick afterwards.

I am also struggling with an overactive thyroid for over a year now. It was just last November when I've undergone a major treatment to get parts of my thyroid removed.

It hasn't been very easy for me. I would often have shakiness, anxiety and palpitations because of my condition. Believe me, the things I've gone through were not pleasant and I can say that I've truly deteriorated during those trying times.

As I continue to recover and get better from my condition, I've searched for many ways to live a healthier lifestyle. I cannot just rely on my doctor to make me better. I have to help myself. I WANT to get  better so I can live a healthy life and I NEED to get better for my loved ones whose lives are directly impacted by my well being.

I have to admit, living a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of getting used to BUT if you really want to change, it can be done.

I needed to change my diet. Slowly, I've refrained from fried food, gave up on my favorite iced tea, and I gave up pretty much on anything with "high sugar". I used to indulge in cakes from famous bakeries, pastries from upscale stores, always ordered a soda with my combo meal from fast food restaurants but now, no matter what I eat, I will ONLY drink water with it.

I drink water before eating so that I am not so hungry.
I drink water in between meals so I get full faster.
I drink water afterwards to help flush my system down.

My endocrinologist informed me that by staying away from sugar and oily, fatty food, I will not only lose weight but I will also be on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

She was right. But I need some sort of specialty drink other than water!!!

Then there's exercise... because I've been inactive for awhile, I decided to take baby steps and gradually challenge myself to work out. From basic walking, to simple gardening that requires stretching, to cleaning and lifting more around the house to actual biking and perhaps jogging everyday for good 30 mins.

The combination of good diet and exercise - a sure winner!

I continue to shed my lbs off and I wish for nothing more but to get to my ideal weight!

So how does corn coffee play into all of this?

Well, I have kept a journal from the time I started drinking corn coffee...

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, I'm not a fan of coffee and so my journey to starting this business was a challenging one.

Let's start with the smell of corn coffee...
Usually, the smell of coffee is not pleasing to me... but corn coffee smells like hazelnuts! Almost like chocolate! BIG PLUS!

I roasted the corn coffee at different level until I've found the perfect roast.
At first, I tried it without sugar... even without sugar, this coffee is great!
I then added sugar just to find the perfect blend to satisfy my palate... and to my surprise, I enjoyed drinking coffee ever since!

Beware! I found this coffee so enjoyable that I usually make atleast 3-4 cups a day!
And why not? I have no worries that it can be damaging to my health. In fact, it helps me get energized and it helps me not "crave" so much of the unfriendly food... I no longer feel the urge to eat something salty, something sweet because everytime I drink the coffee, I am satisfied.

Once you get your hands on a bag of this delightful healthy alternative for coffee, you will find yourself thinking of many ways to play with the taste. My family and friends drink it in different ways... the kids like to drink it "scramble" style (almost like a smoothie with smuckers chocolate on top). Most adults prefer to drink it hot...

Each bag of corn coffee comes with recipes...
Again... this is 100% ORGANIC corn coffee.  NO CAFFEINE, NO ADDITIVES!
For more information, please visit our website at
We also have environmentally friendly corn coffee mugs for sale. This mug is 100% made of corn!

Get your bag of corn coffee today and taste for yourself!

Most people describe this drink as "comfort drink" and now I know why.

We have one life to live, one body to take care of...
Let's do our best to LIVE HEALTHY and ENJOY LIFE!

Thank you for visiting my blogsite...

Have an a-maize-ing day!

Maize Cafe Management

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Corn Coffee Website

Dear Customers:

Our official website/online store will OPEN for business on February 21st!

We will feature all products available at our company such as 8 oz and 16 oz Roasted Organic Corn Coffee, Corn Coffee Mug (made of 100% corn), MaizeCotti (corn bread-biscotti style)!

We will also have recipes for blended drinks you can serve at home for the whole family such as Maize-Cramble (inspired by Philippines famous ice blended drink "Iskrambol") and many more!

Maize Cafe is now serving all states in the US!

For guaranteed freshness, we don't ROAST and PACK until YOU ORDER!!

Shipping is FREE for all orders of $50.00 or more!
We ship Priority USPS!

For wholesalers, please email .

Interested in partnering with us and becoming an official distributor of Maize Cafe Corn Coffee in your area? Please email,

To place an order, please visit our website at or simply email

All orders are processed within 24 hours.

Thank you and have an a-maize-ing day!

Maize Cafe Management

Pre-Order Your Organic Roasted Corn Coffee Today!








FOR MORE UPDATES, please visit our website... .

Thank you!

Maize Cafe Management

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Discovery of Corn Coffee

I will not take credit for the discovery of "corn coffee".

Apparently, it's been around for hundreds of years! I'm sure our grandparents have tasted this healthy alternative. Unfortunately, not too many people are aware that we can make coffee out of corn!

Well, I'm 30 years old and I didn't find out about this until now!

I would like to credit the coffee corn makers/farmers of Sumilao and the show Kapuso Mo: Jessica Soho.
It was while I was watching this show that I discovered "corn coffee".
The short segment sparked my interest as an entrepreneur and it definitely inspired me to promote healthy living for everybody who enjoys drinking coffee.
Realizing the potential market here in the US, I decided to start a small corn coffee business named "Maize Cafe".

Why drink Maize Cafe?

It is made of 100% organic corn! That's right, no caffeine and no additives! Just pure roasted organic corn.
Now even children can enjoy drinking coffee!

Every bag comes with special recipes for the whole family to enjoy!

Drink it hot or cold!

We have one life to live, one body to take care of... why not live a healthy life and take very good care of our body?

Drink Corn Coffee! It's the healthy way to go!

If you are interested in getting a sample, please visit our website and fill out our Contact Us Form.

My goal in this business is not only to promote healthy living for people all over US (and hopefully soon, all over the world), I also would like to be able to open job opportunities for those who are looking to make some money with the flexibility of working from home!

For those who are interested in becoming a distributor in your local area, let me know!

You may send me an email at or .

To learn more about our company, visit us on Facebook (search Maize Cafe or, or visit our official website!

Please visit us again for the latest update!

Thank you and have an A-Maize-ing day!


My parents: For always believing in my abilities, for always supporting me in everything I do and for the undying and unconditional love... Thank you.

Kyle and Paige: For inspiring me to reach for the sky, for making me the proudest and for giving me so much honor... Thank you.

My sister, Kismet: For being the "wind beneath my wings", for understanding me when no one else does... for being a great friend... Thank you.

My husband: For loving me, taking care of me, and for always trying to give your best to make me happy... Thank you.

And last but not the least...

My bestfriend PS: For bringing out the best in me, for inspiring me to make my dreams come true and for the endless support, love and understanding... Thank you.

And to my dogs Chloe and Coco: I love you both.